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NeoSlogan is an online application that allows franking machine customers to create messages to customize their envelopes.

Adding a slogan to your envelope is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

  1. Select your franking machine.
  2. Choose a free slogan from the library or upload your own custom image.
  3. Download the slogan artwork to your franking machine.

For IS- and IN- franking machines only.

Slogan Library

An extensive FREE library of images in a wide range of categories:

  1. Business-Corporate
  2. Seasonal
  3. Promotional

Custom Slogan

  • ERA – Return Address: Create your Royal Mail compliant Return Address slogan and if you want combine it with your company logo. NeoSlogan will ensure that your ERA strictly follows the Royal Mail design requirements.
  • Design your own slogan: Create your own and unique slogan. You can upload an image, resize and position it, add text and preview your artwork with an easy to use interface.

    PDF real-size preview

    • A real size PDF preview is available for download and print, it can be easily shared to validate the artwork before confirming the order.

    Communicate with your customers before they open the mail

    • Neoslogan is one of the many services available on MyNeopost for Mailing System customers. The service is available 24/7.
    • The slogan is available for download with a very quick turn around (less than 2 hours for the library and 4 hours for custom and return address slogans).

    Personalise mail pieces and boost your open rates

    • Mail open rates are higher if envelopes are personalised. With NeoSlogan it is really easy to customise your envelope and change the message regularly depending on your seasonal needs. Create eye catching images and messages in minutes.

      Hundreds of designs for any seasons and any reasons

      • A library with hundreds of free slogans to choose from, covering many categories including: seasons, events, business messages and more…

      Access to Image Library



      Hundreds of designs for any seasons and any reasons (seasonal, recycling, healthcare, legal, customer service, etc.)

      Unlimited access & use 

      Access to Custom Slogans



      Royal Mail compliant Return Address slogan creation with or without your company logo

      Your own and unique slogan 100% customizable with images and/or text


      Full access & use of our slogans library